Highlights of the area…

Tree Top Walk

Experience a bird’s eye view of some of the biggest timber giants on Earth – Western Australia’s majestic tingle trees. Climbing 40 metres into the forest canopy and meandering through the treetops for 600 metres, the walk trail is the first of its kind.

Greens Pool

Greens Pool lies on the edge of William Bay National Park and is famous for its turquoise green waters and pristine white sandy beach. Large granite boulders surround the pool, protecting it from the might of the Southern Ocean.

Elephant Rocks

At Elephant Rocks, huge granite boulders resemble a herd of elephants lumbering out to sea.

A short walk trail from the carpark takes you to a lookout over Elephant Rocks. From here, you can just imagine that these massive boulders are elephants sunning themselves before heading off for a swim.

Mt Frankland

Dominated by an impressive granite peak, Mount Frankland National Park covers approximately 31000 hectares of karri, jarrah and tingle forest as well as expanses of treeless heathland. 

The Mount Frankland Wilderness Lookout provides you with a spectacular view over the western side of the Walpole Wilderness from high above the forest floor. From this vantage point on the side of Little Mount Frankland it is a challenge to see any sign of human activity or habitation.

Conspicuous Cliff

Appreciate the powerful beauty of the southern coastline from the lookout over Conspicuous Cliff. There is an unspoiled beach, limestone cliffs, and granite headlands.

Spectacular limestone cliffs, after which the site is named, are a photographers delight, as is the large surf that pounds the shore of this pristine beach.


Want More?

Visit the Valley of the Giants Heritage Tourism Association website for everything to do in the region while staying at the Peaceful Bay Caravan Park.